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1. CREATE A SHOT LIST WITH YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER You’ve hired your dream photographer, and it is definitely within their expertise to make sure every moment of the day is..

Why we need couple photoshoot?

3 Reasons Why you Should have a Couple Photoshoot In case you were wondering why wedding photographers think that having a photoshoot before your wedding day is a great idea,..

How to Get The Best Wedding Video Ever

How to Get The Best Wedding Video Ever Wedding videography is an essential part of your big day. A wedding film can capture motion and sound, from you and your..

Wedding Trends 2023

Wedding Decor Trends When it comes to creating a great guest experience, you need an excellent design. Because these are the elements the couple and their loved ones can see..

4 Reasons Why Great Wedding Decor Will Make Your Wedding Extra Special

When you think of weddings, you usually think of brides, decked out in their glory for their special day. What most people don’t tend to give too much thought to..

Who is a professional photographer?

A professional photographer – what does it mean? Can someone become a professional photographer only by buying an expensive camera?  On the other hand, there are people with expensive cameras..

Miten valitaan häävalokuvaaja

1. Luo 5-7 henkilön hääkuvaajien lista, niin sanottu shortlist, josta tulevaisuudessa valitsemme tarvitsemamme.

Vinkkejä morsiamelle valokuvaajalta

Suunnittelet unelmiesi häitä, pohdit huolellisesti jokaista pientä yksityiskohtaa. Loppujen lopuksi se tulee olemaan päivä, jonka muistat koko loppuelämäsi. Mutta vuosia kuluttua häistä on jäljellä vain valokuva- ja videotiimisi vangitsemat hetket,..