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I’m Anna Laskev, a professional wedding photographer.

I know exactly what to photograph.

I’ve been to hundreds of weddings and won’t miss a single important moment. Wedding vows, the exchange of rings, other touching moments, I notice all of these and capture them on camera. I react quickly. You don’t need to pose specially or delay the ceremony to get photographed. You won’t have to repeat your vows just because your photographer got distracted.

A wedding photographer must easily find common ground with people, as a wedding involves not just the bride and groom but also guests who should be in the photos. It’s important to be able to communicate with everyone on one hand, and on the other hand, to remain unobtrusive so as not to prevent people from having fun.

Wedding Photographer

A pro always knows what to do

A beginner switches to auto mode and gets photos that you could take with your phone… for free.

I have not only a camera but also all the other equipment that might be needed. For example, a wedding can be held in a hangar or another place with poor lighting. I always carry additional lighting with me. The photos will be of high quality.

On the wedding day, any conditions can occur. In Finland, you never know what the weather will be like. Rain, sun, wind, snow – all this can scare a newbie, but not a professional photographer. I will make it part of the unique frame, while a newbie will just shoot as it turns out.


I try to deliver the first photos to you as soon as possible because you need them for thank you cards. And it’s interesting to see the wedding photos and share them on social networks. So, you will receive the first photos the next day.

Wedding photo format

It’s very important that the photos don’t get lost and are easy to share! Therefore, I will provide them in the form of an online gallery. From there, you can download your favorite photos in any resolution, for example, in high resolution for printing. And of course, you can show the gallery to friends, there’s no need to download photos for that!

The photos will be stored online for six months or more, depending on the package.

For 100% preservation of your wedding photos, I will also give them to you on a flash drive.