How to Get The Best Wedding Video Ever

Wedding videography is an essential part of your big day. A wedding film can capture motion and sound, from you and your new spouse reciting your vows to your parents making incredible things on the dance floor, creating memories you can relive throughout your life and share with children and grandchildren. So it’s super important to find the best wedding videographer to film your special day, someone who has both a style and personality you like.

1. Get Inspired

Wedding videographer

Start off by sitting down with your partner and working out what you want from your wedding film. Look on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube to see what other couples have done, or check out other events videography if you want to cast the net a bit wider. What style of wedding film do you like? Every videographer has a different style so give some thought to whether you want something with more of a “documentary” or “fly-on-the-wall” style or something that feels more like a narrative.

2. Ask For Recommendations

Recently married friends will be more than happy to share their wisdom – and show off their wedding film too! You could also ask your wedding photographer if they’ve worked with any fantastic wedding videographers.

3. Do Your Research

When you put together your shortlist of videographers, don’t be swayed by just their showreel! I recommend watching three complete wedding films from each videographer to really get a feel for their style and standard. Think about how each film makes you feel too. Did the videographer capture the emotions of each couple’s big day? The mark of a good videographer is being able to truly transport you back to that wedding day – and make you wish you’d been invited!

4. Have A Chat

Wedding Videographer

Once you’ve found two or three videographers you love, meet them in person and make sure you get along. On your wedding day, your videographer (and potentially their assistant too) will be following you from dawn to dusk – so it’s important you like them!

5. Pin Down The Details

Take some time to clarify exactly what you want from your videographer, whether that’s on your big day or in the finished film. For example, one common complaint videographers receive is that they were moving around during the ceremony, distracting couples and their guests – so if you know you don’t want this, make sure to let your videographer know the ceremony should be filmed statically.