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Professional Photographer Anna Laskev

I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t born in camera in my hands. Also I’ve never been dreaming about becoming photographer. But here I’m. One of the best wedding and couple photographers in Finland.

This is my story. At 27 I became a mum.  I didn’t want to go back to work, I just wanted to be at home caring for my baby. I didn’t think about career, all, what I could think about, it was my daughter.

With my husband we decided to take “solemn registration”of our daughter and it was been scheduled in the Palace of newborn in St.Petersburg, Russia. We asked our friend who had been working as professional photographer for many years to take some pictures of this very important event. When I got photos, I was crying. It cannot been said “awful”, it was the most important missed moment of our life. It was the point of no return. I said nothing to our friend, but I took camera and started to learn photography.

When after three years our son was born, I couldn’t take photos by myself and we asked our very good friend to take photos to us. He wasn’t a professional photographer, but he was passioned of photography. I noticed that he had been learning by himself to take photos with some Internet articles, courses and photomagazines. So, I’ve started to study photography.

I took some courses in New York Institute of Photography, because I always wanted to be taught by the best. I learned how to be wedding photographer, children photographer, couple photographer and photojournalist. I was working as photojournalist with Zenit (St.Petersburg, Russia), Imatranajo (moto competition in Finland), international famous Neste Rally, Lahti Historical rally and etc.

The first reward that I received was Tokyo Photo Award, my series “Behind the facades of a big city” got silver medal. After this winning I wondered what if being photographer could be my profession?

Year be year I’ve getting awards for wedding photography, so, it could be saying that I’m not so bad.

Unfortunately, I really understand what does it mean to lost some big moments of your life and I swore to myself never miss such moments to my clients. As loved and happy wife and mother I understand, what wedding, children and family photography means in our life.

I always make my best to see my clients happy.