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Professional Photographer Anna Laskev

I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t born with a camera in my hands. Also, I’ve never been dreaming about becoming a photographer. But here I’m. One of the best wedding and couple photographers in Finland.

This is my story. At 27 I became a mum.  I didn’t want to go back to work, I just wanted to be at home caring for my baby. I didn’t think about a career, at all, what I could think about, was my daughter.

With my husband, I decided to take “solemn registration” of our daughter and it was been scheduled in the Palace of a newborn in St.Petersburg, Russia. We asked our friend who had been working as a professional photographer for many years to take some pictures of this very important event. When I got the photos, I was crying. It cannot be said “awful”, it was the most important missed moment of our life. It was the point of no return. I said nothing to our friend, but I took a camera and started to learn photography.

When after three years our son was born, I couldn’t take photos by myself and we asked our very good friend to take photos to us. He wasn’t a professional photographer, but he was passionate about photography. I noticed that he had been learning by himself to take photos with some Internet articles, courses, and photo magazines. So, I’ve started to study photography.

I took some courses at the New York Institute of Photography because I always wanted to be taught by the best. I learned how to be a wedding photographer, children’s photographer, couple photographer, and photojournalist. I was working as a photojournalist with Zenit (St.Petersburg, Russia), Imatranajo (moto competition in Finland), the international famous Neste Rally, Lahti Historical rally and etc.

The first reward that I received was the Tokyo Photo Award, and my series “Behind the facades of a big city” got a silver medal. After this win, I wondered if being a photographer could be my profession.

Year by year I’ve gotten awards for wedding photography, so, it could be saying that I’m not so bad.

Unfortunately, I really understand what it means to lose some big moments of your life and I swore to myself never to miss such moments with my clients. As a loved and happy wife and mother I understand, what wedding, children, and family photography mean in our life.

I always make my best to see my clients happy.