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When Penny first texted me, she said that she and her boyfriend were flying to Rovaniemi from Macao and she wanted me to schedule a photo shoot for them with reindeer and huskies.
After that, her boyfriend texted me and told me he wanted to propose to her. We planned everything in advance: the music, the moment when on my signal he was to get down on his knees and propose.
It was one of the most romantic photo shoots ever.
We spent the whole day together. First we visited the reindeer farm, where Versiglia proposed to Penny.
Then we went to the husky farm where we had a photo session.
To end the day, we went to Santa Claus’ village in Rovaniemi.

If you really love your girlfriend and want to propose to her, consider making it a day to remember for a lifetime for both of you. В

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