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WOW! It’s just one word that can describe this proposal. Colin wrote me about two months before their planned travel to Finland. He said that it’s some special travel for two of them and he’s going to propose Ali, but wanted to do it surprisingly. I was so excited to help him! We planned whole event step by step. I choose the best time of a day and the most beautiful and popular place in Helsinki. It was usual for tourists to visit Helsinki Cathedral and Central Square and Ali wasn’t going to be suspect that something “wrong”. When they did finish their dinner in restaurant Colin messaged me they’re going. I was already waiting for them on the top and when they were beside me I pretend to be a local photographer who makes photoshooting for tourists. Ali agreed to get some photos and show began.

After all she shared with me and her fiancee Colin when she was standing with her back to me thinking that I was capturing her, she didn’t catch why tourists at the bottom of the stairs suddenly started smiling and applauding.

It was unforgettable moment for them and for me too. I’m sure they will remember this day to the rest of their life. I look forward to be photographer at their wedding in 2024.

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