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Children’s photographer

I have two children, and I love them very much, cherishing every moment spent with them. Moreover, children grow up so fast, making it all the more important to freeze time, if only for a moment, to capture their emotions in photographs.

A mobile phone can never replace a professional photographer. It always upsets me when parents limit themselves to using their mobile phones to take pictures of their children. Often, these photos get lost when changing phones or for other reasons. But when there are professional photographs of children, printed and decorating the interior, children feel loved in a special way. They understand that their parents value and love them, that home is not just a house, but their home, their family, where they feel loved and wanted.

However, working with children is not the same as working with adults. You can’t just tell a child to sit still. A child embodies life, emotions, joy, happiness. Therefore, a child photographer needs not only to be able to communicate with children but also to love them, so that they can feel free and confident. Only then will the photographs capture their true emotions.



In this digital age, we take loads of photos with our phones. But when it comes to creating something tangible on our walls mobile photos are not that great for printing and enlarging. Having high-resolution professionally edited images will make a lovely wall or album collection for your family history.


I’ve heard from many clients who were sad that they never took photos of their babies. One day your grandchildren will sit on your knees and you will pick up an album and go through the pages with them. This day will come- I promise.


Research shows that hanging family photos in the house is good for their mental development. Parental love gleaming down at them from the photos helps them to develop their identity and their place in their family.


Well, this one will feed your ego. Prepare for your social network explosion! Just imagine the likes and hearts and good wishes you will get after posting those lovely baby photos. After the exhausting labor and first weeks of maternity, this stream of positive energy can only be good for you.


Childhood is like a wedding. The next day you are left with two things: a husband and a bunch of photos. And they both are better good ones. You, baby, will grow but you will always have those newborn pictures to fall back to.


As a mother of two wonderful kids I still vividly remember the first time I saw and held them. I wish I could have more baby photographs and videos of that time. Now as a photographer, I take it as a privilege to be invited for a newborn or baby photo session.

When it comes to newborn baby photography there are two types: classic posed ( babies are posed in all kinds of poses while they sleep) and lifestyle (a more natural way of shooting when the emphasis is more on the relationship and emotions between parents and their baby). There is no right or wrong and it is up to you which way you prefer. My approach to baby photography is an unscripted documentary style. I will not pose your baby. I started photographing posed newborns but quickly diverted to storytelling and a more relaxed way of doing it. I want to just photograph these babies as they are, yawning, curling up, stretching, and of course, sometimes crying. This is who they are and they are beautiful this way.

And please look beyond newborn photography! Don’t forget about how fast babies change. Newborns seem to be the same every day and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the constant process of growing up. Capturing these special moments throughout their first year is important. When you compare photos, you’ll be amazed at how much your baby has grown in a short time.